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Square Foot Guide for E.O. 13423 Energy Reductions

U.S. Federal facility managers and energy specialists working to meet Executive Order 13423 energy targets--30% reduction by 2015 from baseline use in 2003--will find the Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference a good starting point for defining baseline and reduction targets.

Whitestone profiles for many building types are derived from Department of Energy models based on a 2003 survey of energy use in commercial buildings. For example, an office building in Washington DC has an approximate baseline value of 54 kbtu per gross square foot. Profiles can be adjusted for different locations (234) using the Local Operations Cost Index for energy consumption.[1]

Whitestone Profile: 2-story Office Building

Other building types include:

  • Bank
  • Court House
  • K-12 Schools
  • Hospital (General and Research)
  • Medical Office
  • Dormitory
  • Supermarket
  • Hotel
  • Warehouse (Refrigerated and Unrefrigerated)

Profiles for 63 additional building types are based on a collection of models and case studies that may not be strictly consistent with the DOE survey methods and time frame yet, in the absence of better sources, these can be used with the appropriate caveat.

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- Luca Romani



[1] Note that this is not a perfect adjustment as the index accounts for both energy demand variations and local energy rates.