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Facility Life Cycle Cost Analysis Cost Standards Definition and Review Condition Assessment Methods and Data Analysis Demand Modeling and Market Analysis Policy Development and Implementation

Facility Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Whitestone has developed unique methods and tools that fully account for the complete facility life cycle from acquisition to transition & disposition. Project experience includes:

  • Validate multi-site inventory data using a web-based survey & data warehouse application
  • Develop a tool for estimating decommissioning and disposal costs
  • Survivor curve analysis of equipment service lives
  • Develop a statistical method for approximating asbestos cleanup liability for super scale facility portfolios
  • Benefit/cost analysis of sustainability retrofits for energy laboratories
  • Develop M&R, operations, and recapitalization budget models
  • Perform life cycle cost modeling of industrial complex scenarios
  • Provide M&R cost parameters for mission critical facilities
  • Estimate M&R costs of a standard facility design for global implementation

Cost Standards Definition and Review

Whitestone has defined cost factors and validated cost adjustments used for budgeting and benchmarking by the world’s largest occupiers. Example projects include:

  • Define global location cost modifiers for M&R and operations costs
  • Define a multidimensional risk metric for evaluating impacts of M&R deferral
  • Review the use of facility condition metrics for the U.S Defense Department
  • Conduct critical review of the underlying methodology for area cost adjustments
  • Validate a Mission Dependency Index for project prioritization

Condition Assessment Methods and Data Analysis

Whitestone is a pioneer in the use of life cycle cost models for estimating deferred maintenance requirements. Other related projects have confirmed deferred maintenance and projected operations cost from legacy inspection data. Past projects include:

  • Validate deferred maintenance for eight industrial production and storage sites
  • Validate a deferred maintenance estimation tool for NASA facilities
  • Define a statistical sampling methodology for the nationwide inspection of client operations
  • Compare scope and accuracy of common approaches to facility assessment
  • Define statewide M&R requirements from inspection data for a major state client

Demand Modeling and Market Analysis

With an extensive library of cost models and detailed global economic and engineering data, Whitestone has the unique ability to forecast the demand for facility equipment and services for virtually any industry, location, or portfolio. Projects have included:

  • Develop a tool to estimate global market potential for client facility portfolios
  • Define the North American market for HVAC services
  • Create a web-based tool that indicates upcoming M&R tasks for specific residences in North America

Policy Development and Implementation

Whitestone supports a variety of public sector organizations as they comply with directives such as the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Executive Order 13327, and Executive Order 13423. Typically this includes validating and correcting inventory data, modeling specific cost requirements, and providing formatted reports—often as an annual service. Other policy related services have included:

  • Defining an agency-wide multiple year budgeting process for the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Identify and classify facility-related business processes for the U.S Coast Guard
  • Business case development for inventory-based cost modeling
  • Support for facility business transformation for U.S. Defense Department
  • Estimate cost savings from closure of U.S. federal data centers

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